Employability Skills Development Book CoverThe Employability Skills Development course takes an activity-based approach to raising learners’ awareness about employer expectations and the working environment. Developed in response to an increasing national focus on work-related learning, it will meet the needs of providers looking for a programme of activities to support learners in preparation for vocational training, for achieving an employability qualification, or for getting a job.

The Employability Skills Development resources support teaching and learning; they aim to improve learners’ knowledge and understanding of the workplace.

Who is it for?

The Employability Skills Development course may be used by learners in school or college settings, or by learners participating in work-related programmes in a variety of other contexts. The activities are generic and can therefore be adapted to reflect the vocational interests of a range of users.

The Employability Skills Development book

This resource contains activities designed to develop learners' skills in twelve areas: self-management; team working; business and enterprise; customer awareness; problem solving; communication; working with numbers; IT in the workplace; applying for a job; exploring job opportunities; rights and responsibilities at work; and health and safety in the workplace.

The activities:

  • are flexible and can meet the needs of different learners
  • support personalised learning
  • can be used in a range of contexts and for different programmes of learning
  • encourage a ‘pick and mix’ approach, allowing learning opportunities to be chosen for varying time frames
  • are generic and can be adapted to suit any vocational interest

After completing an initial self-assessment, learners choose appropriate activities to develop their employability skills. At the end of the course learners complete a self-assessment review to reflect on their progress and development.

You can also view sample pages from the book.

Employability Skills Development CertificateCertification

Tutors can reward the achievements of learners that have completed activities from the Employability Skills Development book using the internally-awarded certificates. A suggested 20 hours of learning, or at least one challenge from each section, should be completed before certificates are awarded.

The certificates are available to purchase in packs of 20.

Costs and getting started

All student book, certification and registration prices shown below are per learner, unless otherwise stated:

  • Employability Skills Development book (one per learner)  £10.00
  • Employability Skills Development certificates (optional, pack of 20)  £9.85

Both registered and non-registered ASDAN centres can purchase and use these resources. These resources can be purchased online from the ASDAN website.

No prior training is needed to deliver the course, ideas and advice on how to use the Employability Skills Development resources can be found in the free Tutor Guidance documents.

Guidance for tutors

Tutors preparing to deliver the Employability Skills Development course can download the free Tutor Guidance. All orders for Employability Skills Development books will include one printed copy of this guidance.