What are the Preparing for Adulthood Programmes?

These programmes have been developed for learners with moderate, severe, complex, profound or multiple learning difficulties, working between P Levels 1-8 (below National Curriculum Level 1). These programmes provide a real-life context to promote the development of personal, social, independent, ICT and work-related skills.

Who are they for?

There are four Preparing for Adulthood programmes, each suited to different SEN contexts:

  • New Horizons: for learners aged 9-13 with special educational needs
  • Transition Challenge: for 14-16 year olds with severe and/or profound learning difficulties
  • Towards Independence: for young people (14+) and adults with moderate, severe, and profound and multiple learning difficulties
  • Workright: for young people (14+) and adults following a work-based programme of study

Download the comparison table for a complete overview.

What's Next?