What is Lifeskills Challenge?

This online platform – www.lifeskillschallenge.org.uk – allows schools, colleges and other providers to personalise their learners' curriculum and meet their individual needs. Choose from an online bank of challenges that recognise learners' progress in curriculum areas that are important for success in adult life. The challenges are usually about being able to do things, rather than acquiring a significant body of knowledge.

Lifeskills Challenge also comes with the option of ASDAN certification, offering recognition for small steps of achievement.

Who is it for?

Lifeskills Challenge is for learners of all ages working from pre-Entry to Level 1. It can be used in a range of educational settings, such as schools, colleges, residential centres and training providers.

It is particularly suited to learners with Education and Health Care Plans, but can also be used by those who would have accessed additional learning support.

Facts and figures

  • Challenges take 10, 20 or 30 notional learning hours to complete
  • Learner registration lasts for 12 months and includes one certification opportunity
  • There is no limit to the number of challenges each learner can complete


Tutors can choose from existing challenges created by experienced ASDAN practitioners, or write and submit their own.

Challenges are designed to structure learning and demonstrate achievement in a range of curriculum areas. Learners work through their chosen challenges and collect evidence of their achievements in a portfolio.

Centres can claim certification from ASDAN to reward learners' achievements. There is also the option of downloading a simple statement of achievement after each completed challenge to reward small steps of progress.


Challenges take 10, 20 or 30 notional learning hours to complete. There is a bank of challenges to choose from, divided into 27 curriculum areas covering topics including Communication, Mathematics, PSHE, Home Management, IT and Employability. Tutors can write and upload their own challenges and there is guidance provided to help you do this.

Learner registration

In order to download and start work on chosen challenges, you must purchase registrations for your learners. This registration lasts for 12 months, during which time the learner can complete as many challenges as required. The price includes one certification opportunity, along with the option to download interim Statements of Achievement along the way.

Getting started

If you are not yet registered with ASDAN, your first step is to complete an Application for Centre Registration Form. See the Join section for more information. Current ASDAN centres need to ensure that the programme is added to their centre's registration.

Following registration, you will be able to log in to the Lifeskills Challenge website. You will manage your candidates, browse and download challenges, submit challenges for approval and request certification from here.

What's Next?

Case Studies

Lifeskills Challenge helps prepare learners for employment