What is it?

Vocational Tasters offer learners an introduction to a range of employment sectors. Ideal for learners following an alternative progression route, these courses help learners to make progress towards their personal learning and career aims.

Increasing learners’ knowledge of different employment sectors will help them to make informed and long-lasting decisions about their post-16 destinations.

The Construction Vocational Taster contains modules in: General Construction Operations; Bricklaying; Carpentry and Joinery; Painting and Decorative Finishing; Health and Safety in the Construction Sector; and Careers in the Construction Sector.

Who is it for?

Young people of all abilities, mainly aged between 14 and 19 (as well as adults and younger learners, where appropriate).

Vocational Tasters are multi-level, meaning that the focus is on completing challenges and skills development according to individual ability, rather than attainment at a specific level.

Facts and Figures

  • Flexible, multi-level programme
  • Internally moderated
  • Accredits 10-60 hours of activities
  • Can count as up to 3 of the credits needed to achieve the Personal Development Programmes


Students present a portfolio of evidence of their activities.

This portfolio will contain:

  • completed Construction student book and evidence of challenges completed
  • planning and reviewing documents
  • record of progress
  • summary of achievement, identifying skills development

Student Book

This vocational taster contains six modules, corresponding to different aspects of Construction:

  • General Construction Operations
  • Bricklaying
  • Carpentry and Joinery
  • Painting and Decorative Finishing
  • Health and Safety in the Construction Sector
  • Careers in the Construction Sector

Download sample pages from the Construction Vocational Taster student book.

Getting started

If you are not yet registered with ASDAN, your first step is to complete an Application for Centre Registration Form. See the Join section for more information. Current ASDAN centres need to ensure that the programme is added to their centre's registration.

Following registration, you will be able to purchase your books and access additional resources and guidance via the members area of asdan.org.uk. ASDAN also provides introductory workshops and can arrange in-house training.


After successful internal moderation, centres submit a list of candidates' names via the members area of asdan.org.uk and certificates are then issued by ASDAN.

The portfolios are not submitted for external moderation. ASDAN reserves the right to request samples of candidates' portfolios for quality assurance purposes.

Short Courses Online

This online platform offers an alternative way to access Short Courses without needing to purchase student books. Learners can upload evidence to their personal e-portfolio to demonstrate what they have done and the skills they have developed. Tutors moderate e-portfolios on screen and then request certification.

Get started with Short Courses Online.

What's Next?