Science skills take centre stage in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Academy has always empowered learners to pursue pathways to individual excellence by fostering creativity, communication and problem-solving skills. It is a mainstream school that follows an inclusive model of education, welcoming diverse learners. Hong Kong Academy is committed to maintaining a collaborative and captivating learning environment in which students become adaptable, confident and tolerant, equipping them for the future.

Lilly is the first student at the Academy to achieve an ASDAN programme, having successfully completed the Mathematics Short Course and Personal Development Programmes. Caroline Dawson, the school's inclusion support teacher, said the ASDAN model was the perfect fit for Lilly because it offered both structure and flexibility.

"This enabled Lilly to pursue her studies through a hands-on approach involving outside resources, such as the Science Workshop," Caroline said. "Given Lilly's remarkable success as a top achiever, Hong Kong Academy will continue to utilise the ASDAN model of delivery, cultivating the unique learning styles of students. When Lilly graduates, she will leave Hong Kong Academy with a legacy; a clear path for future students to follow in her footsteps."

Lilly said that one of her favourite parts of ASDAN work was the Science Workshop, where she helped out as a volunteer as well as taking part in laboratory sessions.

She said: "I worked with staff in helping to set up labs for younger students who would be attending the Science Workshop later in the week. Sometimes I was asked to assist with inputting data. While working on the computer I felt like I was an office worker in a real job! Everyone at the Science Workshop is really kind and welcoming. Each week we chat about interesting topics while we work.

"One of my favorite experiences involved interviewing the staff at the Science Workshop. I had to speak with each member of the team while being filmed by Ms. Dawson. I then had to edit each video clip and transfer it into iMovie in order to create my presentation. This was a lot of fun, but challenging at the same time.

"I enjoyed presenting this to the Head of School. Principals, Director of Learning Support and Middle School Curriculum Coordinator, as well as to my peers and their parents."