New Horizons is 'resounding success' for learners

Special Care Centre in Abu Dhabi is a special school for students aged four to 24.

“The school is committed to equipping students with essential life skills and preparing them for adulthood and the workplace, where this is an option,” said Dr Sharina Klaasens, Executive Director at the centre. “The school runs many activities, onsite and offsite, that we can accredit through ASDAN’s Preparation for Adulthood (PfA) programmes. These activities include karate, yoga, shopping trips, meals out and visits to community facilities.”

The school ran New Horizons for the first time last year and it was a ‘resounding success’. “Staff agreed that it raised students’ self-confidence and self-esteem and developed personal qualities and abilities,” said Sharina. “Parents felt that it gave structure to teaching life skills at home and it helped them understand the learning needs of their children better. Importantly, the students really enjoyed the course.”

Caption: learners at Special Care Centre receive their karate trophies at the school's sports day