ASDAN gains momentum in China

ASDAN staff members recently visited China to tour the country and meet schools and organizations in Beijing, Qingdao, Guangzou and Chengdu with much interest being shown by school headteachers and principals. We were delighted in particular to visit the principal of Country Garden School, who also visited ASDAN's main Bristol office recently in return. In partnership with Seed International, we have also welcomed hundreds of Chinese students to the UK on a mini-MBA programme as well as to mainland Europe and the United States.

ASDAN China 1  ASDAN China 2

Chinese students are particularly interested in completing CoPE Level 3 and, as part of this, they complete a mini-MBA based on trips to Britain, America and Mainland Europe. These include trips to: Wall Street companies, Swiss banks, German car manufacturers and Manchester United Football Club, as well as the opportunity to research university placements. Another tour is based around the model United Nations in New York with students taking on the role of representing different countries around the globe, encouraging them to develop their research and presentation skills as well as achieving AoPE Level 3.

Chinese schools students have already completed Short Courses in Enterprise and Leadership through bespoke workshops in innovation and business; there is also a healthy appetite for volunteering and environmental programmes as well as other ASDAN programmes.

Many of the Chinese students have ambitions to study in UK universities and, armed with strong A Level results and good spoken English, they now have the added attraction of Level 3 CoPE skills and 70 UCAS points.

ASDAN China 3Seed have been working closely with ASDAN since November 2010, developing a partnership to offer awards and qualifications to Chinese schools, where skills training and extra-curricular awards are greatly lacking. CoPE Level 3 focuses on skills that Chinese students greatly need, and provides the necessary certification that parents and schools are looking for.

Seed International greatly values the structured learning of skills that CoPE Level 3 provides, guaranteeing a rewarding learning experience for students involved. It adds an extremely beneficial element to Seed’s programmes which are already aimed at giving students interesting learning environments. It also gives students the portfolio of evidence which they can take away from their experience with pride, and proof of what they have accomplished.

Xiong Xin, a student at Suzhou Foreign Language School, said: “I am very happy to pass and get the 70 UCAS points…but I think the most important thing is the process…we can gain so many things that we don’t learn in the classroom."