Training workshops

ASDAN offers staff development training workshops outside of the UK when there is sufficient interest. These workshops offer a friendly, accessible and hands-on introduction to ASDAN's programmes. International delegates are welcome to attend UK training workshops.

International INSET

It is possible for ASDAN to deliver an in-house training event for schools and other organisations in their own country. This would be led by a member of senior staff within ASDAN. The charges are as follows:

  • £1,092 per training day (plus VAT, if applicable).
  • a charge of £223.50 per day for the time involved in travelling to and from the country.
  • training packs are charged at £9.65 or £15.75 depending on the resources required, plus cost of shipping. Once INSET is confirmed, an estimate of these costs is available upon request.
  • additional cost of travel and accommodation.

ASDAN can also offer international centres distance training via Skype at a cost of £222 per hour, plus the cost of training packs and shipping.

It is important to plan your INSET requirements well in advance to ensure we have enough time to organise an appropriate tutor and deliver any training materials on time. To register your interest in an INSET event or Skype call, please contact​

Prices are valid until 31 August 2019.